Tuesday, 13 November 2012

EPIK Program in Korea

2 months ago I began the EPIK program in Korea. There are many blogs and forums on the internet about working as an English teacher in other countries and if you have done any research, I'm sure your already aware of the benefits you receive from the EPIK program. Just in-case you are not here's a short breakdown.

Flight re-imbursed to the value of 1.3 million won
Settlement allowance of 300,000
Approximately 2.2 million won a month ((this increases if you work in a rural area (100,000) and if you work at multiple schools)). I currently earn 2.4 million because I work at 1 additional school and I'm in a rural area.
Free accommodation with basic household items (these items are outlaid in your contract).
Annual bonus You will get paid an additional months pay for completing your yearly contract.
Contract re-sign bonus If you renew your contract you will receive another 2 million won, if you leave after 1 year you will be given 1.3 million won for your flight home. (you can get a flight anywhere).

To give you an idea 1,000,000 won is equal to about £600

The Epik program is easily one of the best paid and well-organised programs to work with as an English teacher. The orientation period lasts about 10 days before starting the job. It is phenomenal, usually it is hosted in one of Korea's many universities. As well as having about 4 informative lectures a day you get breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation for free. We also went on a cultural trip and went out almost every night so it's a great chance to meet fellow teachers.